Original gifts guaranteed to make you giggle. From mugs to keyrings, aprons to coasters – we’ve got a gift for every occasion.

Tell your Mum just how special she is and how much you love her on Mother’s Day… or any day of the year!

Whatever the mood, message or occasion, we have just the greeting cards to bring a smile to the recipient’s face.

A wide range greeting cards available for regions all around the country, from all the way up in Scotland right down to Bristol.

Giftware that talks like you

At Dialectable we create greetings cards & gifts that connect you to the past.

Our greeting cards and gifts use colours and words that take you to a joyful place part way between nostalgia and patriotism, therefore reminding people of home and childhood.

The reality is that wherever we come from there are colloquialisms, dialect and gorgeous idiosyncrasies of language.

Here at Dialectable we strive to embrace them all. Our offering now reaches Yorkshire, Scotland, Bristol, Newcastle and beyond – so that everyone can enjoy a slice of memory pie.

From expats in Australia to locals moving to The Big Smoke, we can deliver the spark of joy that comes from happy memories in a simple card or gift.

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A bit more about us…

Back in 2013, Dialectable cards were just a fledgling of an idea.

The first 19 years of my life were spent in Hull, and the remaining 25+ in Sheffield. I’ve always been surrounded by bugger this and chuffin’ that. Like most Yorkshire people, I like to say it as it is – so why not reflect this on our cards and gifts?

After a few failed attempts, the design you see today came to me. Simplicity was the key. We use many old fashioned colours and retro tints that unconsciously remind us of the past. The speech bubble does what it says on the tin – and that is all that’s needed. Strip away clutter to reveal the words; they are the heart of the matter.

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