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Dad Tha’s Chuffin’ Great! (Video)

Dad Tha’s Chuffin’ Great! (Video)

Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads, Step Dads, Grandads… and anyone who fills that role!

Here is a short video we put together with the help of some lovely local people. We asked them if there was one thing they could thank their Dad for, what would it be? We had some amazing responses, and here are just a few of them.

This Father’s Day we decided to do something a little different, and not just make it all about “stuff”. Of course we want to show our Dad’s, Grandad’s, Uncle’s how wonderful they are with a lovely card and present, a pub lunch and a pint, but sometimes a very simple thank you can be all that is needed.

I spoke to friends, family, Facebook groups to ask what they wanted to thank their Dad for.

I had responses from people who never knew their Dad, but had someone step into those shoes and wanted to thank that man for everything they’ve done. There were people who had lost their Dad’s, but wanted to thank them for all the wonderful things they did for them whilst they were here. There were funny stories and sad stories, but I hope I picked some of the best for you to read on Father’s Day.

He might be a miserable bugger at times, but I reckon that just comes with being Dad, and remember, you can thank him any day of the year!

What would you thank your Dad for? Mine didn’t make the cut, but here’s what I’d say to my Dad…

“Big Keiff, thanks for rocking up to pick me up from high school with all the windows down blasting Paul Simon’s – You Can Call Me Al. Could have died of embarrassment at the time, but it’s now one of my all time favourite songs!”