Dialectable cards were dreamt up by yours truly sometime during the Summer of 2013.

Being a colloquial sort myself, I wondered if there were any greetings cards that embraced both regional dialect and the everyday stuff we come all come out with.

A few internet searches later and I couldn’t find anything like the greetings card range that was developing in my mind. I love language, and both the sense of patriotism and nostalgia that local dialect brings. I love colloquialisms; those little phrases that just sum it all up in a second.

Another passion throughout my life has been colour. From being a small child, I have always loved and understood it. The combination of the two was leading me towards a striking range of cards.

6 months and four designs later, I arrived at what you see today. Bright, retro, flat tints on matt board. Dialectable cards are all about the words, so the design has been stripped back to expose them fully.

There are sixteen colours in the current Dialectable palette, which go from one end of the colour spectrum to the other. When placed together, they make a dramatic display. The cards tell a story, they raise a smile. I hope they make people happy.

Launched in February 2014, they were received by retailers with enthusiasm I could never have predicted. Dialectable has changed and continues to change my life. We have expanded into an exciting range of giftware, including bone China mugs, washbags and much more. Having out grown working from home in 2015, our warehousing and distribution is now done in Suffolk but the office remains in the heart of Yorkshire.



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