With Father’s Day fast approaching, it’s time to get those thinking caps on and decide how we’ll show our appreciation Yorkshire style.  Dads are our taxi service, cash dispensers and all-round support (well, most of the time), so their annual recognition is very well earned.

Yorkshire dads and stepdads deserve a well thought out Yorkshire gift.  Generally speaking, Yorkshire men are thoroughly and rightfully proud of their heritage. They also like to be told they are wonderful, brilliant, fabulous and frankly chuffin’ great.  Even if they’re grumpy sods or tighter than a gnat’s chuff, we love them dearly and want them to know that to us they’re the best dad in t’world.

And we’d best not forget all those grandads out there! Father’s Day is an opportunity to celebrate them too. Tell those special grandads that they’re the best in Yorkshire, and we love them to absolute bits.

When I think back to my own grandads (long since passed away), I remember fondly just what true Yorkshire men they both were in different ways. One was stoic and practical. He was a policeman with a stomach of steel, but also had the driest wit known to man. The other was a grafter, one of the lads, yet had a deep appreciation of our county’s beauty. He also had faux appreciation of his own appearance. I remember him combing his thick white hair whilst looking in the shaving mirror, saying ‘arn’ I gorgeous? He called me ‘Bugger Lugs’ every time he saw me… how I’d love to have been able to buy him that mug! 🙂

Any road up, here at Dialectable we have Yorkshire-esque Fathers Day gifts and cards a plenty. See below for a few ideas 🙂

Yorkshire Fathers Day Mugs

Yorkshire Fathers Day Cards

Gift Ideas

So go on, appeal to that Yorkshire humour with a gift from us! 🙂